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Dubrovnik Croatia

November 19, 2010

Greetings from Dubrovnik

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Helpful messengers

October 29, 2010

20 October 2010

“No, the Bora is blowing too strong. It is impossible for you to walk on tomorrow!” A warning that we heard a couple of times in Croatia. Last week, a road had to be closed due to this powerful fall wind. “You Europeans can’t imagine what force this wind can have,” explained a young local man. We are thankful that we found a very cheap apartment in Senj with a warm stove from where we could observe the harsh autumn wind, the rain and the waves.

Even at the boarder, we were welcomed with a “No!” after Annemarie took a picture. “Give me your camera,” the customs officer snapped at us and took the camera. “You can get five years of imprisonment for that.” he added. We were very surprised, because we haven’t seen or heard anything about that ban. Hanspeter helped the officer to delete the picture. Later that day in Rijeka, a policeman confirmed that this ban is indeed a law. Grateful that we had our camera back and that we escaped punishment, we continued heading south. We had to think of the many Christians who are in prison just because of their faith or of Joseph whose history we are reading in the Bible at the moment. He was put in prison because he refused to commit adultery with Potiphar’s wife. God’s ways sometimes lead through dark valleys, but he gives us support, strength and consolation on such paths.

We exceptionally experienced divine intervention in Trieste. While searching for a place to stay on Thursday, we learned that exactly on this weekend the annual Barcolana regatta took place. There was little hope that we would be able to find affordable accommodation for the weekend. At the evening, Hanspeter checked his email and had over 6000 new ones in his in-tray! Someone had sent us three messages minute after minute. While Hanspeter looked through them and separated the wheat from the chaff, he discovered a message from a friend from Switzerland. We were pleased to hear from him and that he sent us an address from a priest in Trieste. On Friday, we visited this family. The priest’s wife, Rahel, who is from Switzerland, used to work in our home parish. While we were saying goodbye, the phone rang. A relative couldn’t come by as agreed. For this reason, we were offered a bed for the night, which we gladly accepted. On Saturday, we headed off towards the city. By the time it got darker and chilly, we passed by a youth hostel. “No, we are fully booked up,” they said at first. But then: “There is only one possibility: in both the men’s and the women’s dormitory there is one bed free.” Thank you Lord, we exclaimed, and we slept apart for the first time during our trip.

On the next day, a woman spoke to us on the street. Gianna loves to hike and was curious where we were going with our large backpacks. She accompanied us for a while and explained the course of the regatta. She led us to the finish area where we could film the winning ship 56 minutes after the start. Afterwards, she recommended the path following the former railroad of Trieste. This path was not marked on any map, and we had some difficulties to find it. On a district road, we met a couple. They told us that this is the old railroad that goes as far as Slovenia. On a picturesque path, we slowly but steadily climbed up to the plateau.

Towards evening, we met Mara. She accompanied us for an hour and showed us a hostel that we would not have found without her. Mara was pleased to have the opportunity to speak some German after a long time, and we were pleased that God had sent us so many helpful messengers on that weekend.

Best wishes and a heartfelt thank you for all the prayers and help in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland

Hanspeter and Annemarie

Wind in Croatia (German and English)

October 26, 2010

Como Italy

September 12, 2010

Bellinzona Switzerland

September 8, 2010

From a house to two backpacks

September 6, 2010

The reduction from a house to two backpacks was an unusual, rewarding and challenging experience. It is much easier to move into a house than to leave it. Although we began this process a half a year in advance, we became tired of the decision making process in the end. We can imagine now what it must be like for elderly people to leave their home. Someone said that a lot of the collected objects are emotional junk. We wouldn’t go that far, but we certainly understand now why Solomon points out in the Bible that there is a time for collecting and a time for throwing away. (Ecclesiastes 3,6).

We hiked with a full backpack from Basel to Lucerne. To lighten our load, we have already sent some things back home. We have covered 20 to 30 km a day depending on the weather. The small blister on our feet couldn’t stop us. We stayed overnight at friends’ places, in two barns, at a campground, in a youth hostel and in a hotel. Every day brings new surprises. We have just lost our camera while in Luzern. As a result, we won’t be leaving right away, but will first buy a new one. What was pleasing is that we learned more about Hornussen, an indigenous Swiss sport, and the origin of the Willisauer Ringli, famous honey ring-biscuits. (videos in German

Many friendly people were willing to support us with words and deeds. For example, on a farm, we were surprised with two coffees in the morning; friends did our laundry and someone provided us spontaneously at 9.30 pm with a bed. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends who came to say goodbye at the Tri-point despite the rain, or who have supported us otherwise.         

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Basel Jerusalem

May 19, 2010

Hanspeter and Annemarie Obrist will hike by foot as a couple from Basel to Jerusalem starting mid-August 2010.

Our motto is: Encounters on the way to Jerusalem.

We will be visiting biblical places on our way and will share our experiences and photos on this website.

Advice and support are welcome 🙂

A man travelling visited a Rabbi who had only a table and a bench. The man asked: „Rabbi, where is your furniture?“ “Where is yours?“ the Rabbi asked him back. The man said: „I’m only travelling“. „So am I“ answered the Rabbi. As follower of Jesus we are not from this world, but in this world (John 17.16-18). It is not important what I own, but where I’m going – to the heavenly Jerusalem.

Pictures from Israel